Ursula Arztmann

Environmental Engineer, Illustrator

Who is Ursula “Uzzy” Arztmann?

Which 4 words describe my personality?

I am

  • creative
  • visionary
  • empathic
  • persistent

What is my motivation for the LIFE IN SYNTROPY project?

Since my childhood I wanted to study biology and work in conservation. During my studies of Environmental Engineering, I realized that the best and most efficient way we conserve ecosystems, is by changing the way we produce food.

I have experienced Syntropic Farming systems perform even under really harsh circumstances. This gives me so much hope for a better future. And I see what working with the soil does to our course participants – how joyful to be there, when this re-connection with nature happens.

I want to see more degraded and mistreated lands replenish again. I want to witness the raise of biodiversity again. And I want to be there, when mankind finally becomes woven into natures fabric again. LIFE IN SYNTROPY is a platform, that facilitates learning about it and shares this valuable and practical knowledge globally.

By working in the fields, I can actively perceive all the magic, that happens and learn every day from the ecosystems. By creating beautiful, easy to understand and fast to apply content, I can contribute to more global transitions towards  a life in Syntropy!


What are the top three strengths I bring to this project?

  1. To make complex content easy to understand using drawings. Since more than 20 years I am a professional visualist, creating drawings that summarize and clarify complex information. As a graphic recorder, I am able to translate speech into drawings in realtime.
  2. Group facilitation and creating a learning experience
  3. Due to my longterm business background as entrepreneur and consultant I bring in lots of experience in planning and organizing – well maybe, it’s just my Swissness 😉

What I am also known for:

Ursula ArztmannI have an indepth and longterm passion for insects and other arthropods. So I am often related to as the “bug-freak”. Studying the relationship of insects with the plants and the soil in Syntropic Farming is a focus of mine.

With this passion also comes a love for macro photography – I like to capture the stunning beauty of the little things, that are oh so often overlooked.




Other Member


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