Dayana Andrade


Who is Dayana Andrade?

What is my motivation for the LIFE IN SYNTROPY project?

I consider that from the beginning I had a very privileged access to the world of syntropic farming. Learning from the primary source (Ernst Götsch), being able to spend time with the pioneers of this art – people who really live from what they believe – has shown me another level of coherence. As a communicator, the restlessness was imminent: here was a story that needed to be told. This certainty has guided me since the days of the Agenda Gotsch. Now Life in Syntropy comes as a natural and inevitable evolution of this path that is already 9 years old. What motivates me today is the certainty that carrying out this work of communicating and sharing this knowledge is almost an obligation, a responsibility that has been conferred on me and I am very grateful for it.

What is the biggest strength I bring to this project?

  • Communication: not only is my studying area, but also what has fascinated me since always. Finding the best way to tell a story, to organize and connect ideas, to achieve reason and emotion at the same time is, for me, an exercise in poetry, a moment of joyful communion with the condition of being human.


  • Agriculture: I look for personal improvement in and out the academic universe, mainly, in the dialogue between these worlds. The deep involvement with syntropic farming has given me a good transit between areas such as environmental and conservation sciences, sociology, history, cuisine … in short … the inherent transdisciplinarity of agriculture.


  • Personal life: all knowledge causes irreversible changes in the one who acquires it and it seems to me that with agriculture this is even more serious. There are so many possibilities to play, to observe and to experience that. When you realize it, your hobby, your leisure and your entertainment also involve growing your food, raising animals, taking care of your garden. So the third skill I bring to this project is my true desire to spend most of my day thinking and experiencing the theme I want to share with everyone.


What I am also known for:

Driven by the abundance of our small production, I began researching ways to preserve food and was simply fascinated by the universe of fermentation. Intrigued by the idea that we are responsible in every aspect for the animals we domesticated and co-evolved with, I am currently turning myself into a crazy chicken lady.



Other Member


Felipe Pasini

journalist Cinematographer, MSc in Environmental Sciences and Conservation

Bruno Damas

Web Developer/Project Manager

Ursula Arztmann

Environmental Engineer, Illustrator