Bruno Damas

Web Developer/Project Manager

Who is Bruno Damas?

Which 4 words describe my personality?

I am

  • empathic
  • truthful
  • sensitive
  • organized

What is my motivation for the LIFE IN SYNTROPY project?

Since I was a child I was connected to the computer world, I have always had a strong connection with nature, but I always felt that I lacked something in my life, later I started to work the land (in a small garden) learning with a friend and discovered a new love.

The love for the land.

I began to realize that the way we produce food (in many systems) was not the right way and I started to research more about it.

After seeing the video Life in Syntropy I felt I had to know more about Synthetic Agriculture. But in fact there was very little online content.

And it was my greatest desire that everyone should get this information from who knows.

What are the top three strengths I bring to this project?

  1. My knowledge of platform development
  2. Dedicated to spreading the information so that everyone accesses
  3. Due to having worked in different areas I can easily adapt and give a different perspective to the themes of our project

What I am also known for:

as you would expect I’m the team geek, everyone turns to me when they have problems 🙂


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