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We create verified content about Syntropic Farming and proudly add a new voice to the debate around sustainable agriculture

2006 was the first time Felipe Pasini pointed a camera towards Ernst Gotsch. It was the first step to a long term partnership that is fruitful until today.

The beginning

The first result of the partnership between us and Ernst Götsch was the production of a short documentary called “On This Ground Everything Grows” – a huge success in the agroforestry cycles. In this moment, our deepest gratitude to the first companions in this audiovisual initiative: Mônica Soffiatti and Ilana Nina.

After that, Felipe and Ernst met several times in projects in the north of Brazil and in trainings for rural professionals in Latin America. At that time, Dayana Andrade was already onboard editing videos with Götsch’s explanations. The intimacy with the camera and the bonds tightened between those 3, led to the idea of documenting all the details of that special way of practicing agriculture. That’s how, in 2011, the Project Agenda Gotsch was born!

You can see all 13 videos Felipe Pasini and Dayana Andrade produced on the Agenda Gotsch Channel

…and visit the website here.

In 2015, with the support of “Fazenda da Toca” – where Ernst had been developing large scale models of syntropic farming – Felipe and Dayana launched the short-documentary “Life in Syntropy” which was presented in COP 21 events in Paris.

Life in Syntropy achieved many goals we are very proud of:

– more than 7 million views (on all social media);

– translated into 7 languages;

– award-winning at film festivals;

– projection on the Sistine Chapel.


2016 was as special as the previous year. Dayana and Felipe were invited by the authors of the series “Velho Chico” – aired on the Brazilian primetime TV and nominated for Emmy awards – to help compose the character Miguel (Gabriel Leone) and the whole “Syntropic core”, as it was known.

With Ernst’s support, Dayana and Felipe worked in direct partnership with the writers to compose 189 scenes that addressed agriculture and sustainability. It was also a year of great international projection: Spain, Hawaii, Martinique and Suriname were visited by Ernst and Felipe to setup projects and trainings.

Felipe Pasini, Dayana Andrade, Ernst Götsch and the actors of Velho Chico

2016/7 The Agenda Gotsch team grew! The Swiss illustrator Ursula Arztmann and the Portuguese IT professional Bruno Damas integrated the team and helped idealize this new website.

Ursula Arztmann
Bruno Damas

At the same time, our headquarter in Brazil became a center for learning Syntropic Farming. Götsch implemented 4 syntropic systems and hundreds of people attended to workshops here in our house! We’re glad with all the exchange and learning it has represented.

Fazenda São Sebastião - December 2017
Ernst Götsch and Dayana Andrade at São Sebastião Farm, Rio de Janeiro
Felipe Pasini and Ernst Götsch in Martinique (photo: Patrick Aubery)